Diligent Transportation Services Corporation Overview


Diligent Transportation Services Inc. was formed with the understanding that access to transportation doesn't just benefit individual clients; it benefits the all citizens in the community and so forth resulting in a healthy economy. In communities like ours, affordable, accessible, dependable transportation a vital part of keeping us all healthy and connected. This is especially true for disadvantaged individuals such as seniors, physical disabled, and low-income.

WHO CAN USE Diligent Transportation PROGRAMS?

We strive to provide services to any Houston County and Bibb County resident who qualifies for them, placing a priority on helping those with barriers related to age, health, mobility, finances, and lack of support structures access essential services. However because we are a charity organization we function off of donations, contributions, fundraisers, and sponsorship. We encourage all support for the mission.

Diligent Transportation has established service programs that will meet the needs of each type of individual in the target population. Each program requires that the individual complete an intake application with and undergo a screening process to determine if they meet the criteria to receive the services. You can go to our website and submit a request a ride form or you can call our phone number. The process could take up to 30 days or less to get approved.


  • Volunteer Drivers - Using their own vehicles (mileage and expenses reimbursed), our volunteer drivers pick up individual clients at their door and deliver them to directly to their destinations. (Clients using this service must be able to get into and out of a vehicle with little to no assistance.)
  • Fleet Car - This car is driven by one of our staff drivers as an extension of the growing service provided by volunteer drivers to increase our ridership capacity.
  • Accessible Minivans - Our minivans seat up to 7 passengers comfortably the are available to transport multiple clients at a time.
  • Passenger Van - Our 10-passenger accessible bus is available to transport multiple clients at once, and also to provide wheelchair accessible travel to groups and individuals.